Choosing the right shopping cart is critical to the success of your online store.

We have had a lot of experience in setting up stores and we learnt over the years how essential it is to find the right solution for you as soon as you can. We want to help you avoid making the costly mistakes we made earlier in our experience.

So lets get into it….

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Are Negative Backlinks Hurting Your Online Store?

by on June 10, 2015


You know how to reach success as an online store owner because you’ve been told a million times: It’s all about the links you build via search engine optimisation.

Yet, you see no improvement in organic traffic, despite the fact that you have spent time and money in building lots of links. In fact, you’ve been seeing instances of traffic drops in the last few months.

Why is this happening?

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eCommerce Hosting Company

Whether you are just getting started, or you are already running a successful online store, choosing a reliable, fast and supportive ecommerce hosting company is an important part of your business.

Here at Supercell Media, we run multiple online stores and it had been some time since we had reviewed the hosting options on the market. This was all sparked for 2 reasons:

  1. We recently became owners in a new online store business which had a poor site speed for an online store.
  2. I had attended a session on hosting and site speed at the Magento Live, Magento’s signature event.

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To Coupon or NOT to Coupon in eCommerce

by on May 12, 2015


How do you get shoppers to buy what you sell?

It’s possible that even if you feel your online store is doing well, sales may indicate otherwise. A little promotion can help to make sure you’re working smarter (not harder) to boost your bottom line. The aim is to get shoppers engaged and ultimately buy from your site.

Coupon Codes is a marketing tactic loved by some online store owners and hated by others. We believe it comes down to how effectively you can use them. They can either increase your sales and engage your customers or they can drive them away.

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You’ve probably heard how important security is for your eCommerce business, but do you know which online scams you should watch out for?

Hacking is becoming a critical issue for eCommerce sites from both the visitor and business point of view. Last year, retail was at the top of the list of compromised industries, accounting for 35 percent of the investigated attacks, according to the Trustwave Global Security Report. And 54 percent of the attacks were on eCommerce sites, in instances where cyber criminals targeted databases and servers that host debit and credit card data.

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10 Basic Things To Know About SEO for Blogs

by on April 8, 2015

SEO for blogs

There’s a lot of hype out there about blogging but many business owners are sitting there stumped because their blog seems to not attract any traffic or interest…. so why do others make such a fuss?

These days, just having a blog for your business isn’t good enough. Just posting content on your blog and hoping people will come to you isn’t going to cut it. Why, because people can’t find your content online!

A blog isn’t something magical that tells search engines like Google to fall in love with your site and send you traffic. It only provides you with a platform to publish new content for Google to index. How your blog ranks in search results depends on…

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Business events and conferences are a great way to network and learn about the new trends in eCommerce space.

We are already a few months in to the year, have you been to any events or conferences yet?

I was in San Diego last month attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit, stopped by Melbourne Australia to speak and attend the StreetSmart Business School and just got back from Texas where I attended another event!

There is no lack of eCommerce related conferences and events around the world and there’s no time like the present to sort out which ones you should be attending to help grow your business.

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Importance Of Split Testing In eCommerce

by on March 18, 2015


Ever wanted to know how you can increase shopping cart conversions?

You work hard to establish an online store. You create the most simple checkout process. You guide your customers till the very end.

But when it comes to conversions, you feel a tad disappointed.

Why don’t more people complete their purchases? What’s stopping them?

Such questions bother every store owner, but none of them pay attention to stories about increasing conversions by changing the design of the checkout process.

Most importantly, nobody wants to do Split Testing.

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Great Customer Service Increases Online Sales

by on March 6, 2015


Customer Service is KING when it comes to running a successful online retail store. So many business owners neglect the attention required in this area of marketing, but those who don’t and understand its power are probably doing a lot better than their counterparts.

Having a great customer service team can increase your online sales dramatically. The below infographic explains to you why I say that and how you can start to improve your customer service strategy:


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Why Zappos is the KING of Online Retail

by on March 6, 2015

It has been on my bucket list to do the Zappos Tour for a long time now.

If your are in online retail and you do not know who Zappos is or why it made my bucket list, then you need to pay attention. Frankly I would be surprised if you don’t! They are the king in building a mega successful online retail empire.

Zappos.com is a billion dollar online shoe and clothing store currently based in Las Vegas and well known for being ‘different’ and going above and beyond the customers expectations.

So, finally while I was in Las Vegas for the PubCon Conference to speak at late last year, I managed to tick a visit to the legendary Zappos off my bucket list.

Booked the Zappos Tour in months before and was very excited to finally get to check them out.

It did take me a few tries to get here…The last couple of times I was in Vegas, the tour was either booked out or wasn’t available. It was off for quite some time when they were moving into their current downtown office.

IMG_2823  IMG_2822

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